About us

Hi, I’m Ruth and this is my partner Leon. We met 12 years ago when we hopped on the same minibus to the border of Thailand and Laos. A few weeks later we bought our first motorbike together, a little Honda CB150 which took us down Vietnam and across Cambodia. Ever since that first trip, we dreamed of travelling the world by motorbike. For a long time it remained just that, a distant (and slightly terrifying) dream. But in early 2019, we finally did it! We sold our things, packed our panniers and set off on a 13 month overland journey, from the UK to South Africa. This blog tells the story of that trip and our adventures since.

When they heard about our travel plans most people responded in one of two ways: “Isn’t that crazy/stupid/dangerous?” or “I would love to do something like that, but…”  I hope that by sharing our stories, we can challenge some of the misconceptions people have about motorbike travel, give a fresh perspective on the little known and supposedly ‘dangerous’ countries we visited and show that ordinary people can have amazing adventures. 

We get a limited amount of time on this planet, what better way to spend that time than exploring and experiencing all it has to offer!

I want to share what I love most about travel, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, learning about the world in all its beautiful diversity. We like to go slow, get to know people and places and listen to their stories. For us, motorbikes will always be the best way to do that, because they get you off the beaten track (literally!) The most memorable moments of our trip didn’t come with an entrance fee. They weren’t experiences reviewed in the Lonely Planet, they were found down a muddy dirt road in the DRC, in a tiny village in Liberia, a backstreet bar in Lagos.

It took us 10 years to finally do the thing we dreamed of, but once we made that decision to go, everything else fell into place. It wasn’t always easy (proper adventures rarely are), but it was without a doubt, the best decision we ever made.

The moral of our story? The greatest dreams to have are the ones that scare you a bit and the hardest thing of all? Taking that first step out of the front door…



One thought on “About us

  1. Great to catch up with you at the wedding. I love your travel adventures and your spirit and the energy and vision and courage and faith it took you both to undertake your epic trip. Wishing you safe and happy travels. Paul


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